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Winterize Your Harley-Davdison

Winterize Your Harley-Davdison


You can ride regularly in winter without ruining your bike – if you take the correct steps to protect it. Here's how to make sure your bike comes out of the cold season looking as good as it did going in.

First we'll give your beloved motorcycle a thorough 20 point safety check, going over all the important working parts. Then once happy that all parts are functioning and safe we'll lovingly give it a Full Valet to showroom condition. Lastly we'll protect it from the winter weather and salt spray with the ACF50 treatment.

So this important service and maintenance check includes:

  • 20 Point Winter Health Check
  • Full Valet
  • ACF50 Treatment

Prices are:

OPTION 1 £60

• RIDE IN & RIDE OUT - bring your bike to us on a suitable day

OPTION 2 £80

• COLLECTION AND DELIVERY - we’ll do everything for you!

(within a 30 mile radius)

Call Mike Middleton on 0161 503 4322 for more info or book your bike in. Or use the form below.

Collection and delivery is within a 30 mile radius, anything outside this is still fine but will incur a small extra charge so please ask for details.

If you would like to get in touch with us. Please fill out your details below.