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20% Off Harley-Davidson Helmets!

20% Off Harley-Davidson Helmets!

A motorcycle helmet is not a novelty. It's a serious piece of safety gear and should be carefully selected. What you learn can help you decide which style is really the best for your type of riding. Whether you prefer to be open to the elements, have full coverage, or the choice of both in one helmet, Harley-Davidson has a helmet style to suit any rider.

Check out our huge range of styles in store and redeem 20% OFF for a limited time only. I'm sure we will be able to find the perfect helmet for you.

How do I know if i need to replace my helmet?

Helmets that show dents in the shell or fraying straps should be replaced immediately. Even if a helmet doesn’t appear to be damaged, it’s highly recommended by many helmet manufacturers and a leading motorcycle safety foundation to replace a helmet at least every 3-5 years. Why? Because interior protective elements, such as liners and the helmet’s EPS structure (its impact-absorbing layer) deteriorate and can lose effectiveness in safety, comfort and fit.

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